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18 Jul '14

Reflection on Surfaces

Posted by Lanchi Vo

No, I am not referring to light reflecting off polished surfaces, but ideas bouncing around the synapses within my head about surfaces.

I am always intrigued with things unpolished. What surprise lies beneath the surface? I often wonder. In woodturning, polishing up a piece is my favorite step. Here, the natural beauty is liberated, the intricate detail revealed. But it is not enough to simply remove the outer layer. A surface is always necessary for protection. I opt for one that does not mask the intrinsic look, no matter how plain.

Be aware of surface protection, though.

The invention of paints and stains for surface protection is the main contribution to the messy, dilapidated look of the modern decay in some inner cities.

On the other hand, ancient ruins always possess that dignified, genuine atmosphere, for there isn't any surface to partially flake off...

What most fascinating to me is the surface(s) on people I meet everyday: some are thick, some thin, some masking, some transparent, some in layers like an onion, or interchangeable like clothing. I keep guessing and wondering...

Once in a while, people cross path and stop for a while to shed a bit of their facade and share a bit of their inner self. I called such interactions the "encounters of the true kind", where the impacts are sometimes strong enough to nudge one a little off course. Some could be strong enough to make one turn 180 degree around in the way one acts or thinks. 

At some of these meaningful encounters, were lasting inspirations instilled, true friends made, true mate found. I treasure these instances, however brief. Thank you for stopping, trusting, and sharing.