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Exquisite containers...with a twist!

02 Jan '16

Out of the Closet

1) No, there aren't any skeletons in my closet, only a few dog bones dragged there by Peanut--my Chihuahua

2) No, there aren't any sexy crossdresser's clothing in there, either. I am a mother of two naturally born kids, with a husband, who naturally happens to be a very nice guy (he took the below picture, and tons more).  Some of our best friends, though, used to be in closets...

3) No, I am not even hiding in there, but have been tempted many times to do so, only if I could find a space to sit amongst the grand mess for a few moments of peace and quiet (rare commodities when you have young kids).

So... what's brewing and oozing out of that space I called my closet? Just some innocent, hand crocheted garments

...Sorry to disappoint you, but if you are looking for sensational excitements, listen to the news, search on the net, read the tabloid headlines while paying for your groceries...

I have been having fun selecting fibers, combining them, making and shaping fabrics whenever I have the time away from my wood lathe. I enjoy wearing my creation to the local art shows. But when people starts to ask where I got my garments, dishes out compliments, expresses interests. I began to think-May Be...

I learned to knit and crochet during the summer vacations I spent with my grandparents, in the small coastal town of Vung Tau.

She was a great teacher, my grandma. She taught us only the fundamental: how to form the basic stitches, how to shape the fabric with increase, decrease, short rows, how to estimate size and pattern by eyes. Then she told me I can make anything now, create my own patterns, right out of my head.

That's what I have been doing. I still use the most basic (and slowest) single crochet stitch to create my fabric. I enjoy trying out new fibers as I have enjoyed using many different species of wood in my wood work. I incorporate the color and texture of the yarns into my pattern instead of fancy stitches. 

My design principals: simple, soft, light, comfortable, easy care (I am a mom, I don't do dry cleaning and hand washing). 

So, here they are, another form of containers, not to store your possession, but to wrap yourself up in them. I have mostly women's garb right now (since I am using myself as the mannikin), but I am a firm believer in the Equal Opportunity Policy, so I am working on something for the men, too. I hope I can come up with something more fun than the classic sweater men receive every Christmas.

Stay tuned!