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LV-3475  Almond Wood & Betel Nut Acorn Pendant Box, Keychain, Pill Fob-SCREW CAP

LV-3475 Almond Wood & Betel Nut Acorn Pendant Box, Keychain, Pill Fob-SCREW CAP

$ 62.00

This is a nice mini acorn box made out of Almond (Prunus dulcis) with Betelnut (Areca catechu) cap. You can say that this nut was made from another nut and the wood of a nut trees. I know people who chew betelnut and almond nut. Unfortunately, this acorn nut is not a chewable type. It can not be used to make acorn flour either. Imagine the profound disappointment of a squirrel if it were to steal this nut from you.

This small acorn box has a removable swivel lobster claw attachment for keychain, lanyard, zipper pull, rearview mirror.  The screw-on cap ensures that your content is secured. Great for small daily pills or any small things you want to have access on the go...It is also a unique gift since acorn is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Dimension (largest diameter x height): 1" x 1-7/8"

-- All wood turned items were hand turned and/or hand threaded on a lathe. Hardwood threaded inserts were used for woods that do not accept threading well.
-- The item was sanded to 1200 grid for a mirror finish and sealed with a food-safe varnish, if applicable. For hard, fine grained wood with a natural shine, only wax and/or oil was applied.
-- Each piece offered is a unique item. The design may be repeated but the dimension and wood combination, and or decorative accent will be different
-- Artist signature and catalog number will be inscribed on the larger items
-- I ship via USPS First Class mail (or Priority Mail if requested). Combined shipping is the highest shipping cost plus $2 for each additional item.
--CA sale tax applies