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LV-2981  Greenheart & Brownheart Acorn Pill Box, Engagement Ring Box-SCREW CAP

LV-2981 Greenheart & Brownheart Acorn Pill Box, Engagement Ring Box-SCREW CAP

$ 89.00

This is a very pretty acorn shaped box made out of Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei) with Brownheart (Vouacapoua americana) cap.  I have been hunting for these two chromatic-heart woods for a long time and just managed to capture them recently.  The lustrous Brownheart is an earthy, trustworthy wood.  However, the Greenheart is not as innocent as it sounds, being both toxic and explosive.  As a log dries, it builds up so much internal stress that it has a tendency to shatter suddendly and violently sending pieces of wood flying.  While nontoxic and nonirritating to the touch, if one gets a splinter from this wood, the wound will invariably festers (no, I haven't tested that out, but it doesn't hurt to believe in this case). Troublemaker as it is, Greenheart has its desirable qualities: extremely rot-resistant, hard, dense, takes a nice polish.  It also exhibits an unique olive green tint with random black streaks that goes very well with Brownheart in an acorn.  This two timbers are climbing fast up the ladder of my favorites.  

A nice box for your valuables. The screw-on cap ensures that your content is secured, good for  small jewelry, keepsake... Thought the ages, people has given out acorns as a symbol of prosperity and luck. This one is a unique gift.

Dimension (largest diameter x height): 1-7/8" x 2-3/4"

-- All wood turned items were hand made and/or hand threaded on a lathe. Hardwood threaded inserts were used for woods that do not accept threading well
-- The item was sanded to 1200 grid for a mirror finish and sealed with a food-safe varnish, if applicable. For hard, fine grained wood with a natural shine, only wax/oil was applied
-- Each piece offered is a unique item. The design may be repeated but the dimension and wood combination, and or decorative accent will be different
-- Artist signature and catalog number will be inscribed on the item
-- I ship via USPS First Class mail (or Priority Mail if requested). Combined shipping is the highest shipping cost plus $2 for each additional item. Free shipping for 5 or more items purchased at the same time