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LV-3884  Papaturro Burl & Betelnut Acorn Pendant Box, Pill Holder-SCREW CAP

LV-3884 Papaturro Burl & Betelnut Acorn Pendant Box, Pill Holder-SCREW CAP

$ 58.00

This is a tiny box made out of Papaturro Burl (Coccoloba caracasana) with Betelnut (Areca catechu) cap. Related to the sea grape commonly seen in South Florida and the Pacific regions, Papaturro sports big round leaves-big enough to serve as a hand fan to cool you off or to shade your face from the sun. They have long cluster of fruits resembles grape bunch. The wood from this tree is not often seen. Here, you get to meet the even more elusive burly form of this species.  This pinkish burl has a beautiful and distinctive look, a very rare find! The betel nut cap adds more visual interest to this acorn.

A nice box for your valuables. The screw-on cap makes this nature inspired box extra special and ensures that your content is secured.  Comes ready to dangle with the swivel lobster claw attachment. Good for small daily pills, keepsake...  Not recommended for long term storage of emergency pill, since I don't know how air/water tight the closure is (unless you wrap the pill with clear plastic food wrap). 

Dimension (largest diameter x height): 1" x 1-1/2"

-- All wood items were hand turned and/or hand threaded on a lathe. Hardwood threaded inserts were used for woods that do not accept threading well.

-- The item was sanded to 1200 grid for a mirror finish and sealed with a food-safe varnish, if applicable. For hard, fine grained wood with a natural shine, only wax and oil were applied.

-- Each piece offered is a unique item. The design may be repeated but the dimension and wood combination, and or decorative accent will be different.

-- Artist signature and catalog number will be inscribed on the item, if possible.

-- I ship via USPS First Class mail (or Priority Mail if requested). Combined shipping is the highest shipping cost plus $2 for each additional item. Free shipping for 5 or more items purchased at the same time.

-- CA sale tax applies (9.25%) for shipping to CA addresses.